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Due to its origin as a public music class, the Hump Night Thumpers is a large and ever-changing group. These are some of the folks you're likely to meet at a gig.

Arlo Leach

a.k.a. Holstein Slim
guitar, jug

Susan Babyk

a.k.a. Sue Kazoo
guitar, kazoo

Ellen Shriver

a.k.a. Josie Bones
kazoo, banjolele

Neil Donovan

a.k.a. Breeze Knees
guitar, mandolin

Sallie Gaines

a.k.a. Princess Jugs
jug, kazoo

Herb Veith 

a.k.a. Professor Knockers

Fran Landt

a.k.a. Coffee Cup
kazoo, washboard

Skip Landt

a.k.a. Luke Love Dog
harmonica, mandolin

Jacob Fishman

a.k.a. Gizmo

Petrie Fishman

a.k.a. Coconuts
washtub bass

David Moshe

a.k.a. King David

Jaime Belmares

a.k.a. Doctor Jota
guitar, dobro

Peter Seifert

a.k.a. The Milkman
jug, kazoo, whistle
(not pictured)
Laura Murphy

a.k.a. Red Hot Mama
mandolin, jug

Past Members

Andy Carlson

a.k.a. The Spitz-Carlton
jug, guitar, washboard

Bill Coon

a.k.a. Sweet Willie
fiddle, harmonica

Heather Steingruebl

a.k.a. Eau de Rodent
jug, harmonica

Jim Shinkle

a.k.a. Possum
mandolin, nose flute

Mark Wagner

a.k.a. Uncle Harry Assface
jug, washtub bass

Jerri Wagner

a.k.a. Rag Mama
jug, washboard

Marc Greenstein

a.k.a. Lends Himself
guitar, harmonica

Heidi Nordbrock

ukulele, washboard
(not pictured)
Bill Nordbrock

jug, kazoo
(not pictured)
Carol Nordbrock

bass, kazoo

Rob Reid

a.k.a. Millenium Man
kitchenware, guitar

Neal Gadlin

a.k.a. The Other Neal
banjo, kazoo

Jenny Runde

spoons, Fanta bottle

Melinda Ginsberg

washtub bass, spoons

(not pictured)
Keri Rainsberger

washtub bass, spoons

(not pictured)
Tanya Lee


Steve Keefe

a.k.a. C. W. Possum
ukulele, washboard, spoons

Scott Neale

a.k.a. Pork Chop
washtub bass, nose flute

Polly Parnell

a.k.a. Jailbyrd
guitar, kazoo

Mark Richardson 
a.k.a. Mr. Positive

Honorary Members

Sally Giles
logo designer

Beth Wodnick


Band trivia

Mark's nickname is pronounced "ahs-fah'-chay."

Random blues lyric

You may come here running
Holding up your hands
I can get me a woman
Quick as you can get a man

-- Sitting On Top of the World

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