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Hare of the JugHare of the Jug

20 December 2007

We're proud to announce the release of our first CD, a full-length album called Hare of the Jug. Recorded in three sessions over two years, this release features 21 different members of the Hump Night Thumpers! You can buy the CD online at arlotone.com or in person at the Different Strummer music store.

Jugs Across AmericaJugs Across America

24 August 2008

The Hump Night Thumpers have a song on Jugs Across America, the new compilation CD from Whiskey for Breakfast Records. We're keeping pretty good company here -- the CD includes songs from the Jim Kweskin Band, the Carolina Chocolate Drops and the Juggernaut Jug Band. You can buy the CD online from CDBaby or in person at the Different Strummer music store.

For free music samples or online videos, keep reading:

WGN Morning News (video!)

26 April 2007

This local news show likes to set itself apart with goofy, lighthearted segments between the traffic reports and corruption scandals. What could be more goofy and lighthearted than a jug band? When we offered to come play, the producer laid down a challenge: to write an original song about the WGN Morning News. The Hump Night Thumpers delivered!

Mistreated News (and teasers) (8.3 MB)


23 April 2007

Fresh off our Battle of the Jug Bands victory, we recorded a second demo with some of the songs from that performance. If four songs isn't enough, you can scroll down and find our first demo, too.

Come Along Little Children (3.5 MB)
Gin Guzzlin' Frenzy (3.4 MB)
So Sweet (4.3 MB)
Little Green Slippers (3.1 MB)

Battle of the Jug Bands (video!)

11 Feb 2007

On just our second attempt at the Battle of the Jug Bands, we took first prize! The judges gave high marks for our authenticity and showmanship and awarded us the traveling waffle iron trophy until next year. Watch these videos to see what a champion jug band looks like.

Come Along Little Children (7.8 MB)
Gin Guzzlin' Frenzy (8.2 MB)
Ain't It Crazy (5.7 MB)
Little Green Slippers (5.1 MB)

Old Town School of Folk Music graduation (video!)

29 Oct 2006

In addition to the Jug Band Ensemble class that performs under the Hump Night Thumpers name, the Old Town School also offers a Jug Band Instruments class to get people started on the basics of jug band music. This was the debut performance of our most courageous Jug Band Instruments class to date.

Don't Stop

Old Town School of Folk Music graduation (video!)

14 Jun 2006

It's always nice to play for the home crowd, in the splendid auditorium at the Old Town School of Folk Music. With no other gigs to celebrate the end of our ninth session together, we performed at the graduation concert there. (Sorry, we no longer have the software to make Flash videos, so you'll need QuickTime for this.)

What's That Tastes Like Gravy? (6.5 MB)

Battle of the Jug Bands (video!)

12 Feb 2006

Our first out-of-town gig was also our first contest, and with 23 jug bands in attendance it was such a big deal that we brought a video camera. If you weren't there to enjoy this unique, all-day event, here's the next best thing.

Mobile Line (6.8 MB)
What's the Matter With the Thing (7.8 MB)
Fourth Street Mess Around (7.3 MB)
Rag Mama (5.8 MB)


12 Dec 2005

We recorded our first demo at the end of our first year together. Feel free to download all four songs and burn a CD. If you only have time to listen to one, skip to "Got a Letter From My Darling."

On the Road Again (3.2 MB)
What's the Matter With the Thing (3.7 MB)
Got a Letter From My Darling (2.4 MB)
You May Leave, But This Will Bring You Back (3.5 MB)

Don't Spit the Water

22 May 2005

When our friend Steve Gadlin asked us if we could create a theme song for his live game show Don't Spit the Water, we knew we had to rise to the challenge. This is an original song written by various band members and recorded in a band member's living room.

Don't Spit the Water (2.5 MB)


16 Feb 2005

Our first recordings were as simple as can be: a single mic in the middle of the room, and two takes on each song. They're not perfect, but they do capture the spirit of the group.

Overseas Stomp (1.3 MB)
Rag Mama (1.4 MB)
K.C. Moan (1.5 MB)

Band trivia

The Hump Night Thumpers took their name from their weekly practice time: Wednesday night, or "hump night."

Random blues lyric

If you don't believe I love you
Look what a fool I've been
If you don't believe I'm sinking
Look what a hole I'm in

-- Stealin' Stealin'

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