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Any jug band is a visual as well as aural experience. Select a gallery below to view The Hump Night Thumpers in a variety of different habitats.

Demo Recording Session

10 March 2007

Our first demo was actually conceived as the first third of an eventual album, and on this day we completed the second phase. We moved from a top-floor apartment in Andersonville to a basement in Roscoe Village to record four more tracks. View gallery

Victory Waffling

2 March 2007

After winning the coveted waffle iron at the Battle of the Jug Bands last month, there was only one way to celebrate: with a waffle party. In conjuction with the First Friday events at the Old Town School, we served waffles, jammed, and ended the night by ensconcing our trophy in a display case in the school's lobby. View gallery

Battle of the Jug Bands 2

11 February 2007

Our second trip to the Battle of the Jug Bands in Minneapolis couldn't have turned out better: we won! Our victory against 19 other jug bands earned us bragging rights and possession of the coveted Holliwood [sic] waffle iron for a year. This was surely the Thumpers' finest moment so far. View gallery

Arlo's Birthday Party 2

29 April 2006

Arlo seems to be starting a new tradition by inviting the jug band over for a jam on his birthday again this year. We actually moved the date up a week to make room for a gig the following weekend, but the cake and beer went down just as easily and we had a great time. View gallery

Don't Spit the Water

8 April 2006

The producer of Don't Spit the Water invited us to open for his show once a month, and this has been a nice venue for us. Here are a few photos from a typical Saturday night on their stage at the Playground Theater. View gallery

Battle of the Jug Bands

12 February 2006

The 24th Annual Battle of the Jug Bands at the Cabooze bar in Minneapolis was a sight to behold. It featured 23 jug bands competing for the trophy (a traveling waffle iron), and the most knowledgeable jug band audience we've ever played for. That would explain the smiles in these photos. View gallery

Underground Lounge

15 December 2005

We closed out a great first year with a fun show at the Underground Lounge, as part of Flabby Hoffman's "All-Acoustic Sonic Parade." The sound and stage were among our best yet, and we pulled together a tight set of the favorite songs we've been performing and recording recently. View gallery

Demo Recording Session

11 December 2005

We've only had one chance to record ourselves before now, and that was devoted to providing a couple songs that were "commissioned" from other projects. This time, we selected four of our favorite songs to comprise a demo that we can use to find bigger gigs next year. Our honorary member and resident photographer Beth snapped these fine photos while we jammed on "You May Leave." View gallery

Don't Spit the Water 1-year Anniversary Party

5 November 2005

After we wrote the theme song and appeared at several performances of "Chicago's crazy live game show" this year, we weren't surprised when they asked us to provide the music for their anniversary party. We were surprised by how quickly the comedians learned how to play our instruments! View gallery

Polly's Halloween Party

30 October 2005

Polly holds an annual Halloween party, with games and a costume contest, and decided to expand the fun this year with a jug band performance. See if you can figure out our costumes from these photos. View gallery

Flabby Hoffman Show

13 October 2005

Flabby Hoffman produces a local cable show filled with cartoons, political commentary, and local bands. He booked us at Phyllis's Musical Inn to tape a segment that will air some time next year. View gallery

Andersonville Midsommarfest

12 June 2005

Chicago has dozens of neighborhood festivals throughout the summer, and Anderonsville's is one of the biggest. Naturally, The Hump Night Thumpers were thrilled with a last-minute booking on the festival's North stage. With our full complement of 14 members, we overwhelmed the sound crew, but delighted the audience. View gallery

Arlo's Birthday Party

7 May 2005

Perhaps the best setting for a jug band is at a private party, so Arlo invited the band and some friends to his place for a birthday bash. The neighbors were curious, but didn't complain, and the music couldn't be beat! View gallery

Café Boost

24 April 2005

Our buddy Gary Snyderman invited us to share one of the monthly gigs that his band, Hard Cryin' Tour, plays at this popular Andersonville Coffeehouse. Never mind existing gigs on Friday and Saturday nights -- The Hump Night Thumpers were there! View gallery

Six-String Social

8 April 2005

The Old Town School holds this informal get-together every Friday at its Armitage location. The Hump Night Thumpers led this week's event, dubbed the Jug Band Jam. View gallery

Scott's Opening Night Party

4 Mar 2005

When Scott worked on a play with a Southern theme (and a washtub bass as part of the set!), he knew he needed a jug band at his opening night party. The Hump Night Thumpers delivered. View gallery

Red Line Tap Open Mic

24 Feb 2005

Our first performance outside of the Old Town School was in this comfy Rogers Park bar. They promised to have us back for a longer gig soon. View gallery

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